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About Us:

We are a small family owned rabbitry located in Byron, Michigan. We love animals, nature and gardening. We are just starting our journey of growing a small hobby farm. We feel blessed and excited to be pursuing our dream of living a self sustained life style!

Did You Know:

Rabbits typically live 7-10 years. The oldest rabbit ever recorded was 16 years old!

Rabbits are social animals and need lots of interaction and often do well with the companionship of other spayed/neutered rabbits when introduced properly.

Rabbits are active and curious animals. They need stimulation or they easily become bored. It's important to offer a variety of appropriate toys to your rabbit(s).

When a rabbit is happy or excited they will often jump and twist in the air. This is called a "binky."

Welcome to Avery’s Acres Rabbitry!

About Our Rabbitry:

We are a very small rabbitry focusing on raising quality Satins and Mini Rex rabbits. We take pride in the quality, cleanliness, overall care and well-being of our rabbits. We believe in the humane treatment of all animals and take the issue very seriously. 

That is why we have a strict standard of operation. 

We are very careful to select and breed rabbits with only the best temperament and type. Only the finest quality rabbits are sold at Avery’s Acres and come with a guarantee to have good health and temperament. 

We provide all prospective rabbit owners that come to us with detailed information regarding the proper care and responsibilities that a rabbit requires. We are happy to help and provide continuous advice and support to anyone currently owning or interested in owning rabbits. We gladly accept the return of any rabbit that was purchased from us if their owner decides they no longer want it, or are no longer able to properly care for it. 

It is our goal to provide all animals within our care the highest quality of life possible. We do our best to ensure that every animal that leaves our farm is going to a home that strives for the same goal.

We gladly accept visitors to our rabbitry by appointment only. 

If you are interested in purchasing a rabbit from us, 
please read our Sales Policy.

Our Standard Operating Procedures:


Our rabbits are housed in very sturdy outdoor wooden and wire hutches that we build ourselves. 

We provide plenty of fresh clean bedding on a weekly basis. The hutches are cleaned regularly and pressure washed and sanitized seasonally. 

Our hutches are located under several trees that provide plenty of breeze and cool shade in the summer months. Frozen water bottles or ceramic tiles are sometimes added as well to help combat heat. During the cold winter months our rabbits sheltered from the wind and given plenty of fresh straw to help them keep warm.

Food & Nutrition:

We feed our rabbits a quality, 15% minimum protein all natural, antibiotic free rabbit pellet feed, which they are given every day along with a constant supply of fresh drinking water. When fed a quality pellet we find good hay is a welcomed supplement but not necessary. 

On occasion, (usually once a week) we give our rabbits a small treat. The treats we give may consist of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that we have on hand. It is important to note: You should NEVER give anything other than hay or rabbit pellets to young rabbits under 3 months of age!  Doing so can cause digestive upset that is often fatal to young rabbits.

Care & Attention:

Weather permitting; our rabbits enjoy daily “outings” in one of our enclosed rabbit runs. We find that they love to run and play while taking breaks to nibble fresh grass and dandelion leaves. When not out enjoying the cool, fresh grass, our rabbits are offered a variety of rabbit safe chew toys to keep them occupied while in their cages.

Our rabbits are happy to see us and to receive the attention and affection they are given every day. They are exposed to and comfortable around children, dogs, cats, chickens and other small farm animals. 

This socialization and interaction is important and is what makes our rabbits so calm and friendly. It also makes handling and the regular grooming they receive much easier.

Breeding Practices:

At our rabbitry no rabbit is ever bred before the age of 6 months (or when they have reached 80% of their adult body weight). 

When breeding, the doe is always taken to the buck's hutch and monitored closely. The doe is never left with the buck unattended.

Once a successful mating has been confirmed, the doe's condition and well being is carefully monitored for the next several weeks. 

On the 28th day of her 30-31 day gestation, the doe's nest box is prepared. We clean and sanitize the box, then line with 1-2" of clean dry wood shavings that are topped with plenty of straw or hay (depending on temperatures).

Caring for & Weaning the Bunnies:

When the litter is born we carefully count the kits and check the condition of the litter. 

For the next couple of weeks we try to leave the doe and her kits alone as much as possible, only disturbing her when we give food and water.

When the kits reach 2-3 weeks of age, we begin handling them a bit more frequently to get them used to people. At 6-8 weeks of age we begin the process of weaning. 

Once weaned, the bunnies are moved to a large grow out pen. While in the grow out pen the bunnies are monitored and handled daily. By the age of 10-12 weeks, any remaining bunnies are separated by gender or given their own hutch.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns or comments.

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